Leadership Development & Growth

Aggressive business partner providing management coaching, leadership development and collaborative planning, delivering PERFORMANCE NOW with tangible outcome and measurable ROI  Learn More

Power training events

Leadership & Performance POWER Event (2 day)

How to Win Friends; dynamic Sales Growth

Women in Leadership; stand up and make room

Good to Great; Business Excellence Learn More

Acquisition services – we fly on demand

Performance Now flies on demand for Mergers & Acquisition services.  We offer on-the-ground program & process ID, ongoing talent restructuring and expense consolidationLearn More

Who is Performance Now?

Performance Now is an engaging leadership development & performance management company. We bring visibility, strategy, inspiration, and hands on mentoring to your management group, providing a system for support that accelerates growth and development. Performance Now utilizes a consultative, measurable, performance-based approach to identify areas of opportunity, and to rapidly transform your business.

Our partnership should last 6 months on average. We’ve got to impart the success channels and put the guardrails up quick. This is not an exhaustive relationship meant to drain your resources and funds. It’s a progressive relationship meant to stack your team, embolden your leaders, hone their skills, and develop that next level management. Along the way we’ll have tactical review of Operations, Services, Administration, and Controls. A tactical review is specific in nature to processes, staff, documented procedures, and goals & outcomes.

  • B2B Partnership and Strategy
  • Power Events & Training Seminars
  • Individual Coaching; development, planning, and decision making
  • Business Unit Review and ERP Recommendation
  • Procedural Review and Accelerated Documentation
  • Leadership Development
  • Performance Management & Achievement Systems
  • Lease Program Agreement (PA) Review***
  • Service Contract Terms & Conditions Review***

Next Steps…

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