Why should I partner with Performance Now?

A partnership with Performance Now provides your organization with access to an elite business coach.  We specialize in leadership development garnering superior performance and rapid development within your executive & management groups.  By introducing specialized systems and change agency we deliver excellence from within.  If you are a match for this candidate profile, let’s explore the opportunity!

My company is out of state, can we still work together?

Absolutely!  Performance Now is a national service consultant operating across the United States.  We provide onsite consulting services, special event training seminars, and fly-on-demand acquisition services.  Whether you are in Ohio, Colorado, Florida, Texas, or anywhere in between … Performance Now is the partner for you.  

We are planning our annual employee training and would like to invite Performance Now to speak…

That’s outstanding!  At Performance Now we have a host of “Power Events” that will inspire, educate, and activate your team.  Check out our “Power Events” on the Services page of our Home Menu.  In addition, we offer customized programs allowing the business leader (you) to define the current “reading” or “directional concept”.  In a customized offering, Performance Now delivers specialized content to suit your needs. 

What does a consulting partnership with Performance Now look like?

We value your decision to establish a consulting relationship with Performance Now. Our experience and defined systems for success allow for individuals to personally develop and achieve; creating income and job advancement opportunities, and yielding business growth at an advanced rate.

When we partner for Consulting services you will be provided an in-depth proposal including notable deliverables and ROI tracking. It starts with accountability! From there we adjust and move to strategic-surveying and an on-site analysis. Ongoing we’ll commence in monthly activity as we aggressively work to implement the systems that will support our rapid progress.

Within each site-visit your Performance Now coach will deliver a powerful learning segment. These are planned lessons based on business readings and concepts that inspire growth & excellence. Alongside, actual tools & resources are provided to support your team on their journey.

Because your ROI with Performance Now is so important to us, we conduct a Quarterly Review outlining all objectives timelined in the proposal, deliverables met, performance enhancements realized, and the outcome of expense initiatives. This is also the opportunity to capitalize on the insight of your Performance Now coach. Throughout the engagement your coach will be assessing and gut-checking the team. Your coach will have powerful feedback and recommendations that will power you up!

If we decide to partner together, do I have to sign a contract?

No way, not ever! At Performance Now we don’t believe in contracts with term limitations. Not for our services anyway! For us, it’s most important that your business always realize the benefit of our partnership. You simply must be achieving, excelling, and realizing gains. If that’s not happening, something is broken in our relationship and everyone should be able to walk away. No contract term limitations!

Where can I find your pricing?

At Performance Now we offer customized solutions and events. This allows us to best define the material and deliverables necessary to support our partnership & success outcomes. The size of your group and geography of your account is important too. What are we trying to accomplish and how long will we need to achieve our strategic plan? What resources do we have available to us? All of these are Q’s we’ll want to discuss ahead of pricing. Contact us today and let’s get started!