Leasing for Technology Solutions

If you’re out there conquering enterprise accounts or multi-state contracts…these requests for Leasing should be on your radar. 🤔

1. Please be an accountable partner in allocating service $ to the proper tax authority, not only equip. (yes we’ll help with the allocation. It takes 2 to tango👌)

2. Please also commit to allocating service $ to tax authorities for which there may be no financed assets 👏

3. Please be a best partner in processing re-allocations of service $ whenever the dealer communicates. Even in instances when there is no active funding to be had, but rather a simple reallocation of service-only (yes docs will be submitted if total payment is going to change 👌)

4. Produce accurate and variable custom invoice options in mass. This is a value-add, as a Leasing company’s sell-point of bill/collect relief is moot when 85% of clients want custom invoicing. ☝️

5. Please be competitive in your full offering so as to automatically deduct fees from dealer quotes; don’t make us haggle when we’re doing mutually beneficial business. 🙌

6. Please stop having Credit Approvals expire… it creates admin labor on both sides and our Agreements always state credit approval is subject to denial under adverse credit changes…etc etc 🤙


That’s the real innovation we want to see. Show me you’re alive out there and are still working at being the best at your business! 🤩

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