New Customers & Change Management

New Customers and Change Management, let’s go!!! Your effectiveness in this area makes a hell of a first impression. You’re either killing it, or sucking wind. The customer’s organization plays a role in it, but that’s not their problem, it’s yours. But… does it have to be? Can you plan for success in ways the competition is not? Can you think more about your customer and their needs, than your own? When you truly endeavor to build a partnership with your client, when you can harvest out the most vital of information to their workflow, when you document what you heard, and become vested in understanding the systems and folks that will be impacted, that is when you as a Sales Rep, are really doing your job. But if you’re just a show pony, out there stamping your hooves, and flashing your pearly whites, selling what you want to sell, and you can’t see the vision…well then, you’ve really screwed your team and your client.

However, if you can master the process and intel on the Sales side then you have positioned your internal team for pure success. Once the deal is with them, you should be able to bet on Order, ETA, Communication, Best Practices, Teamwork, Leadership, Creativity, and Calm if something goes awry.

Are you interested in strategies yielding 96%+ customer satisfaction on change management and tech installs? Consider what goes into that; tenacious planning, expert systems, eye for talent and restructuring teams, communication prowess, implementing tools and automation, building executive relationships across the client base.

Let Performance Now partner with you for greatness in 2019

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