Consulting Services for Leadership & Growth

Aggressive business partner providing management coaching, leadership development and collaborative planning, delivering PERFORMANCE NOW with tangible outcome and measurable ROI

Administrative and Operational review for excellence accelerating process ID with robust documentation; program review and maximization, controls for gross profit

  • On-site Leadership Training
  • Team Development & Cohesion
  • Performance Now Systems of Acceleration
  • Talent Identification & Staff Org.
  • Sales Prospecting & Social Media
  • 5-star Project Management Program
  • Post-Implementation Success Strategies
  • Revenue Planning & GP Controls

Power Training Events

Performance Now POWER (2 day) Event.  Do you have what it takes to be the very best?  Can you still get up and run?  Does your team know what collaborative success feels like?  Do they know how to keep the growth moving forward at their level, and also how to push that leadership concept down and throughout the organization?

Growth-Strategy for Sales Operations within any vertical segment; template tactics for achieving plan; actionable examples on dissecting a business & profile for insight; prospecting deep & narrow

Operations & Project Management ELITE performance among the competition; tools, forms, systems, and innovative 5-star change management

Acquisition Services

At Performance Now we fly on demand to support your business in the efforts of mergers & acquisitions. We are experienced and skilled in this area providing a level of comfort and actionable strategies to move your business forward seamlessly.

Partner with Performance Now and take the strain off your in-house team. Let’s stop pulling those executives away from their current responsibilities as that only creates weakness in your core operations. Instead, let Performance Now bear the burden of investigation, organization, integration planning, and quality execution.

  • Acquisition project lead
  • On the ground, business process ID
  • Program efficiency & support decisions
  • Continuing talent ID
  • Integration Planning
  • Procedural Governance
  • Go-live Success Management
  • Post-implementation Support
  • Business review & Expense reduction

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